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Friday, 17 June 2011

Franckly Speaking...

Just in case any of my 2.3 regular readers are among those I-of-the-faulty memory spoke to about a "Portuguese carol" and its appearance in L'Organiste anytime this week, here is the SPANISH hymn JT noted on The New Liturgical Movement, a lovely little suggestion fo first communions, (my recollection is that there were scads of comments at the time, including a snide one about people who think everything old is automatically good, and a number of harmonization, suggestions for improving the text, etc. -- in one of its revamipings I suppose comments were lost at NLM.)

And here is the Offertoire from Midnight Mass in which it is used (letter A.)

The first tune, also has a familiar ring. A French noel, I think, and the name Jordi Saval is coming to me, so perhaps it was used in Tous les Matins du Monde?
(A film which if anyone who appreciates the power of music has not seen he MUST.)

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