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Saturday, 11 August 2012

"Halfway Between Awe and Love"

Thanks to Kathy Pluth, (the new Ephrem?) for this from the"old" Ephrem

It captured my experience at Divine Liturgy last week. Most Sundays other obligations prevent my traveling so far, so a "silent" Latin Rite is my choice, and this was both refreshing and exciting. Even Himself, (who, don't tell him I said so, is a touch scared of the "spoon"...) offered unprompted that we should go back whenever we can.
And like most Byzantine parishes it is small, so one feels that ones offering will really make a difference.

Interesting thing, congregation seemed at least half Refuge Romans. I gather a priest sympathetic to both Tradition and tradition has recently been transferred, leaving both EF and R2 Catholics, (and serious musicians,) in the area bereft, and it is in the Liturgy of St John Chrysostom is where they have sought comfort.

Priest and parishioners were at great pains to make us and other non-Easterners welcome, to explain things, to help us find our place in the hand-outs.

I was reminded of the terrible job in this regard I recently discovered many Roman Catholic parishes and/or dioceses have done, so far as the new translation is concerned.

To whit - nearly half of the several dozen parishes at which I have attended Mass since the First Sunday in Advent used English language "worship aids" that contained neither the Our Father nor the Lamb of God.

That's right.

They didn't bother to include the "parts that didn't change that everyone knows."


So much for visitors, seekers, recent converts, etc.

I always used to joke that with the paucity and brevity of traffic and street signage in parts of New England, they might as well replace them all with the same sign: If it wuh any of yuh damn bus'ness, yuh'd ahl ready know.

Isn't that kinda what we told people in the pews?


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