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Monday, 8 October 2012

Great Shoes from Payless.Yes, PAYLESS

These are terrific shoes, look gorgeous, feel comfortable, (even to stand in for relatively long periods of time,) and were extremely reasonable.
Men think women are obsessed with shoes, with some justification.
But it is often not a matter of choice, it is because it is impossible to find something that "works" with clothing and is not torturous.
Unlike men's clothing, women's, by it's varying lengths, more extensive color palette, and drastically different fits and purpose requires partnering with more than a single pair of loafers.
(One of my brothers assures me that  his "go" with everything from a tuxedo to painting clothes)
Anyway, these are wonderful.
Height, faux patent finish, fit, flexibility and thickness of sole, really useful neutral color -- all wonderful. (And, no joke, 19.99)

This is not an advertisement.

Okay, it IS an advertisement, (unsolicited and gaining me no profit,) but it is mostly an endorsement, going on the theory that if I can persuade other people to purchase what have purchased and wish to be able to continue to purchase, its purveyors will profit and what I have purchased will continue to be made available to me to.... well, purchase.

(Curse all you tea drinkers who spurned Lipton's Amaretto Tea! It must be a decade since the stopped making it, and 8 years since I ran through what I managed to hoard, and I miss it every rainy morning of my life....)

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