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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

News polls show a majority of American Roman Catholics believe Ice Cream Should Have No Calories... oh, and that...

...women should be allowed to become priests.

I'm not sure why a ceremony conducted in a United Church of Christ, by an Episcopalian minister is covered by a purported news organization as if it had anything to do with the Catholic Church, but they're kinda funny in Sarasota.

Do they bother to report on other individuals who leave one faith for another?
Or who otherwise ignore the tenets of their putative faith?
"It is widely reported that Jenna Q pewsitter slept in on Sunday."
"Local Baptist Man Fudges on Tax Return"

I'm tired of the "openness to divorced Catholics, openness to gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual people," meme.

The Church is open to all of them.
Also to drug addicts, cranky old ladies, felons, TV meteorlogists, serial twerkers,...

Oh, did I misunderstand?

You aren't interested in Her being "open," you don't care about being welcomed -- you want endorsement.

You want Mom's approval, not of yourself, but of your transgressions, whatever they may be.
You want Dad to say, not "Bring my finest robes, kill the fatted calf!" but, "No, son, you were right, what a fool I've been, I wish I had had the smarts to squander my money on dissolute living and gone through my property with loose women.
"Hey, I got an idea, grab your older brother and the three of us will hit the whorehouse."

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