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Saturday, 1 October 2016

"We did nothing wrong, but we'll do things differently next time," say

(Upfront, that is not an actual quote from any of the miscreants in this story, it is a characterization of the CYA of the miscreants in this story.)
About 60 miles southwest of Orlando, a massive sinkhole recently opened up near Mosaic phosphate processing plant in Polk County, allowing an estimated 215 million of gallons of contaminated waste to seep into the Florida soil and aquifer.
The company and government officials have kept the contamination, (not the sinkhole because it's um... HUGE,)  secret from the public, the press, and worst of all from nearby residents who live off well-water  for several weeks, as millions of gallons of plant waste and byproduct ran through a 45-foot-wide hole into the earth.
But it's okay, because it's not VERY radioactive, and the governor doesn't own SO much of the companies stock, and only once has the company  paid TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS at a county fair for a cake made by the child of the agriculture commissioner.

So trust'em.
They didn't do anything wrong and they won't do it again, even though it wasn't wrong, and even if it was that was the last time, and....

Well, I guess the "and" is that  rural resident of Florida have about the same status as inner-city folks in Flint.

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