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Friday, 15 July 2011

Looking at the Lectionary

Seriously, am I this only one who cocked an eyebrow at the coincidence that, on the Memorial of the first, (so-far only, I believe,) "native" American to be declared Blessed, Blessed Kateri Tekawithat, had the lay reader proclaiming that God would be giving His chosen people land that, er.... already HAD inhabitants, thank you very much?
Do I have this right, in the Bad Ol' Days, instead of the consecutive, let's-get-through-as-much-of-this-sucker-as-we-can approach, there were more propers and proper readings for memorials and feasts, rather than just soldiering through the temporal cycle?
Probably not, I do have selective memory for things I've been told, (confirmation bias and all that, as I drift into a different liturgical preference...)

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Mary Jane said...

Our (now-discarded) funeral home parish calendar proclaimed that Blessed Kateri had "started numerous Native American parish ministries."

Now you know why it's "now-discarded."