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Sunday, 10 July 2011

A Vegetarian? Did you know HITLER was a Vegetarian?

Does the editor of this blog really think the story "will interest Pray Tell readers" who were as of yet unaware of what sedevacantist means?
Or that his readers would be a touch slow on the uptake, and would need the meaning spelled out to this extent?
sedevacantist – that is, someone who believes that the bishop’s “seat” in Rome is “vacant” – sede, sedentary, sitting around, seat, see, I think you get the connection

Yeah, I think they get the connection you are trying to make.
You know, your blog quotes approvingly, accepts entries from, and is altogether very conciliatory with... um, protestants -- that is, adherents of any of those Christian bodies that separated from the Church of Rome during the Reformation, or of any group descended from them, protestant, expressing disagreement or complaint separated, apart from, from Latin sēparāre, from sē- apart + parāre to obtain, I think you get the connection.

Or is that irrelevant and inflammatory?

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