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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A Musicians' Retreat...

.... that is how the Florida CMAA conference at Ave Maria University this past weekend seemed to me.

Now that I am not dealing with music for any particular "faith community", (and not certain I ever shall again, or shall ever want to again,) that is how I look on most gatherings of this sort -- I think looking at the Colloquium in Indianapolis as such will be the most profitable way for me to approach it, although I will certainly learn a great deal, (please God,) and have a tremendous, fun time with people I dearly love.

I had forgotten, until reminded by Adam Bartlett's repeated admonitions to remain positive, how easy it is to slip into negativity, and how liable I in particular am to the rancor that hopelessness awakes in me.

The liturgies were very rewarding, very prayerful.
Even little mistakes and flubs were welcome, as they were reminders that we were there to worship, not perform, and of what our true measure of success is.

I am very sorry Jenny Donelson won't be directing a schola at the Indy, because I found her an energizing and inspiring chant mistress, although perhaps it's just as well, as I am torn between, no, among the choices offered me their already.

Oh, and is it just me?  Is there a small resemblance between the enchanting singer and the song-filled chantrix?

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