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Saturday, 27 August 2016

What does a human person look like?

Except for the apparent malformation of his mouth, this beautiful baby looks very much like an infant I have held in my arms many times over the past two months.
I post because I wonder if I have stumbled upon what I believe may be an important element of acceptance by the people of this generation of the barbarity of abortion.

The child I know is thriving, and is, by the standards of literally anyone who has commonly seen infants, exceptionally beautiful.
Her father is a very good looking man, and her mother is a remarkably beautiful, attractive young woman, (I happened to walk down the street with her in a major city, as work was letting out, at the time of year when summer frocks suddenly appear, and laughed to discover that the sitcom/romantic comedy cliche of people shocked by beauty is no fantasy -in real life I saw heads swivel, men and women alike, stopping dead in their tracks and watching this miracle of nature walked by in her modest summer dress, oblivious to the attention she garners from strangers.
The little child is exactly what you would expect from such parents.
She is stunning, with a more perfectly shaped head than I have ever seen on a baby delivered naturally, coloring like a a china doll, and a rosebud mouth that learned to smile or express wonder very, very quickly.
And everyone, stranger and family alike, marvels at her pictures.
With the exception - several young persons have remarked, in amazement, that she "looks like an alien."

And to them, she does. The people who react so are only children or from small family in which they were the youngest.
More than once
The enormous eyes? alien.
The (at least initially,) spindly arms and legs on a skinny chested, yet big bellied baby? strange.
The head, huge compared to the rest? weird.

So few people today have any real knowledge of how a genuine newborn looks.

Is it any wonder than anyone who is shocked by a newborn's normal appearance finds it easy enough to deny the humanity of an unborn?

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