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Monday, 12 March 2007

The Church -God's Gift, not Our Creature

In reference to St. Clements letter to the Corinthians, at last Wednesday's general audience, our beloved Ratz tells us, "Clement underlines that the Church has a sacramental structure, not a political structure. God's actions that come to us in the liturgy precede our decisions and our ideas. The Church is above all a gift of God and not a creature of ours and therefore this sacramental structure not only guarantees the common order but also the precedence of the gift of God that we all need."

You mean we CAN'T, we DON'T have the power to "sing a new church into being"?

My God, I will thank you, I will praise Your name, for this gift and for the gift of Ratz.

1 comment:

Scelata said...

Had I been drinking?
(It seems unlikely, it was in the morning. )
But yes, I do see, I indeed HAD already blogged on this.

Well, I don't care, it bears repeating.