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Thursday, 24 May 2007

The New Phone Books Are In!!!!!!

(Oooh, sorry, I was channeling The Jerk.)

Actually, the new psalter is in, and first I apologize for whining on TNLM, mine HAD arrived, but for some reason was sent attn: Bookkeeper, so I never looked at the box sitting on the mail drawers at the rectory.

And secondly, let me at first blush pronounce myself well PLEASED.

Fine job, Fr Martis*, well done, I think the Mundelein Psalter is gonna have legs. Beautifully produced, too, lovely binding paper print and layout, immensely readable.

And, perfect timing, I have a funeral tomorrow with a request for a psalm we never do, and for which the Dread Hymnal Gather offers a pleasant but skippy-dippy Joncas setting.

Himself didn't quite grasp the concept that this doesn't so much allow me to do something I didn't heretofore, but that it saves me IMMENSE amounts of work -- I was doing what the music books any sensible parish church purchases should have already done.

Thank you, Fr Martis et al and God bless you!

*Quite deservedly pointed out to me the last time I went to Mundelein as the epitome of Father Whatawaste. The Holy Spirit knows what He (or She,) is about -- the first fruits, the best of the harvest belong to the Almighty.


Bede said...

Oooh. You have the Mundelein Psalter? I've been seriously looking at getting it, but my imminent unemployment has made that problematic.


Scelata said...

Yes, Bede, and it is really well done, IMO.

I was hoping, I admit, for a By Flowing Waters -type blanket copyright permission for reproducing congregational parts, but you can't have everything.

And I should admit that in my current parish position, chant, even in English, has to be introduced at a pace that would bore a glacier.

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)