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Thursday, 22 May 2008

How glorious it would be!

There is always a reason why a Corpus Christi procession is out of the question at our parish, out of the question.
But how good it would be...
I can see an altar set up on the steps of the parish school, one in the K of C parking lot, perhaps?
I can see all the First Communicants being given an excuse to put back on their white gowns, their little suits.
I can see them strewing petals.
I can see every alb that hangs in the closet in the servers' sacristy being filled with a body.
I can see the "Lifeteens" wearing their matching t-shirts, and the knights in their capes and feathered hats, and the Rosary Society ladies all wearing blue.
I can see the theater guild taking leadership in making beautiful stations.
I can see a quartet from the choir waiting at each altar to sing a motet.
I can see the few, but lovely banners we have, being processed.
I can see the school band, sounding like something out of "The Godfather," in happy anticipation.
I can see an affirmation of our belief in the Real Presence, I can see a proud proclamation of it in the face of a disbelieving secular society.
I can see a valuable, prophetic and possibly evangelical witness to the Faith.

I can see all this, alas, because I have a damn good imagination.


Mary Jane said...

Not even a procession inside the church? Well, I'll think of you when we're processing around the plaza in St. Augustine, FL. We don't have all the acessories you're imaging, but we do have servers galore, Knights with feathers, little girls with flower petals, a nice canopy, and my schola. Oh, did I forget the really nice handbells that will be going along to keep up on pitch and do some random ringing between hymns?

Chironomo said...

If Bishops, Pastors and others who have a say in things understood how much better an event like a Corpus Christi Procession serves to bring the faithful together rather than a "Casino Night" or Pot Luck Dinner, such events would be common in all parishes.