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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Does This Chasuble Make Me Look Fat?

This post, yet another entry in the blood sport of Vestment Criticism, elicted a comment that reminded me of what I'd half suspected was a fever dream -- but no, a few weeks ago, I did indeed see an episode of a make-over show called "What Not to Wear," in which the subject was "ambushed" in her church, (while presenting a lecture, not presiding over a service, thankfully,) and learned, in an unturnablewayfrom train-wreck of televised ookiness, that "you can be a priest and be hot too," and that "The Collar" looks just swell with a fitted floral top.

Yes, this was an Episcopalian woman, but....ewww.
The woman herself seemed very nice and sincere, but in everyone else's manner and attitude, there were echos of the tackiness of Geraldine, Vicar of Dibley.
(The subject of the make-over even had a vaguly clerical dim blond sidekick)

Make-over shows have been my guilty non-secret, but this may have cured me... what was the Waugh expression, "just too, too sick-making"?

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