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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

It isn't even Lent yet...

... and I'm already celebrating the Octave of Easter!
Yes, bit the bullet and since I'm over the hills and far away, went to a doctor OUT OF NETWORK.
(Since my eyes were swollen shut, didn't have much choice.)


I blame it on my Mother's peanut butter cookies, (damn and $!%#&&!%$ the reduced fat fetish of food manufactures, and the plague of corn syrup that has struck the land!)

And now, for the first time in my long acquaintance with steroids, I'm experiencing the insomnia, the motor-mouthedness, and the... well, the being even louder and meaner than is my usual high level of achievement in that area.

At least today my hands are working.
I marvel at how, in seven years on the job, I never, never once was incapacitated -- the Holy Spirit and my guardian angel took note of my schedule!

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Lord Blockflote said...

Seriously, corn is in everything!