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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Back From the (Day of) the Dead, to Yet Another Correction From Poor Fr Lombardi

(No posting or polemics or presumptuous punditry, a day of fasting of a sort.)

When I read that yet again poor Fr. Lombardi had to make a statement, no he didn't say that, no he said that but what he meant was, yes he said that but it doesn't mean anything, no he said that but only to her not to you it doesn't count, yes that is what he said and I can't explain it...

It occurred to me, if Scalfari is publishing a book of his... fantasies? mistakes? whatever - shouldn't we all publish an anthology, "My Most Memorable Phone Call From the Pope"? 
(It would be too easy to debunk a claimed interview, since most of us have never met him, they could check passports and stuff, but who's gonna deny that he picked up the phone on a whim and gave me a ring? No, not on a Vatican account, the Holy Father used a burn phone.

We could invent anything we want, say that it's "fictionalized truth," or some such, in the Dunham/Scalfari makingcrapupandthenmakingexcusesonceyouarecalledonyourlies mold. 

I, for instance, remember well, (albeit not accurately,) that surprising day when Pope Francis got me on the horn, (sory, I dind't take notes or record it.)
The Holy Father told me not to worry about anything I might hear that he said, he's just stirring the pot but is planning to come out very soon with a three word, unequivocally magisterial encyclical -

 "Sin? It's Sinful." 

What did he tell you, when he called you?

Com'on, let's get these submissions in, there maybe be money to be made!

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