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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Lip Crayon Bargain

I know no one reads this for make-up tips, and no one who saw me would want my advice on the matter anyway, but Dollar Tree, (one of the actual "dollar stores,") currently has a "Colormates" brand "lip crayon" in a really great nude shade, Spice.

It's a neutral, it feels good and it stays put.
I would like to be one of those people who can wear a super glossy lip, or a fierce slash of blood-red, but between eczema and horribly dry skin, I have had to worry about any lip product not just "bleeding," but flooding, spilling over its banks...
Image result for "swept away" disaster river
 (Yeah, that's about how my lipstick does...)
into lines and fissures and furrows since I was in 8th grade...
Image result for lady in airplane makeup
(Yeah, that's me in high school)

 and now that I have lines in my face that I've earned -- it's hopeless.

Anyway, I'm now a big fan of Colormates, (as I always have been of Dollar Tree.)

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