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Thursday, 12 May 2016

"[Candidate X] has never changed his mind on anything. Changing your mind is a sign of weakness in a leader."

I didn't actually hear this, but I understand a supporter spoke these words in praise of her candidate on camera for CNN.

Nothing about this particular candidate, and I'll stipulate that choosing ones current position according to poll numbers is a sad and sorry way to operate, but only the dead or the brain dead never change their minds.

When did we become a society that doesn't want anyone to ever absorb new information and insight in such a way as to perhaps change his mind?
What kind of a person thinks he has never made a mistake in his life, has nothing to regret, nothing for which to apologize, nothing he would have done differently had he known then what he knows now?
And what kind of person refuses to ever know any more than he does now, thus making for a future self that is smarter/wiser/better informed?

I see the same idiocy at work in the mockery of someone who professes religious or ethical or moral ideas which he has transgressed.
Sometimes, even if the transgressions occurred before the conversion.

The righteousness and rightness of a law, whether of God or man, is not dependent on its being broken or followed.

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