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Monday, 23 June 2008

Apologies to a Fellow Blogger

Among the sessions of greatest interest to me at the CMAA Colloquium were those that dealt with modern repertoire, I shall have more to say on the new music reading session, but in a discussion lead by composer Kevin Allen, entitled The New Polyphony, I introduced several points which a fellow blogger (Cantate Deo, tag team blog by liturgical musicians ) tells me he had brought up previously.
In all truth, I was certain when we spoke of it over Loyola Light and soft-serve frozen yogurt or some such, that I must have missed that post, but I am almost afraid to look for it, just in case I not only didn't miss it, but actually PARTICIPATED in the discussion.
Anyway, seconding Praying Twice, (and now myself -- is seconding oneself a venial sin like googling oneself?) ,I should like to put the request to serious liturgical composers, (as opposed to the Velveeta Consortium employed by the Big Three,) to create worthy music for those rites which did not exist in their current form during the composing careers of Palestrina or Bruckner or even the neo-Caecilians.
I speak of course of genuine rites, those that form a part of the RCIA, for instance, dismissal, enrollment and the like, as opposed to BFU.


PrayingTwice said...


C'mon, I was just playing around. I didn't seriously think you or Kevin were ripping off my ideas. No apology (much less apologies) necessary.

Umm . . . here's the thread:


: )

Great meeting you last week!


Scelata said...

No, I knew you weren't serious.... and doncha know, great minds think alike, and all that?

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)