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Monday, 23 June 2008

The Three Week Baptism

I was unable to stay for the last day of the Colloquium (incidentally, I am going to leave that graphic up in the side bar, until Jeffrey Tucker, who has nothing else to occupy his time, provides me with a new one for NEXT years Colloquium, which I am already itching with excitement for.)
I would have loved to sing that Bruckner piece, too.... ah well.
So, yesterday at Mass we celebrated the 3rd stage of the sacramental marathon that is an Official Rite of our Particular Chur... er, our Particular Parish.
I have heard of this, (Baptism being stretched out over three consecutive Sunday Masses,) being done only at one other place, and the anonymous poster on another forum who described his parish's similar practice did not respond to my request to compare notes.
But that was in the day before I had My Own Blog, (she says puffing, and preening, despite the fact that blogs are like noses, everyone, save Johnny Depp in the final reel of The Libertine, has one.)
So I am asking if anyone who reads this would comment do you, or do you know of a parish which does, divide the Rite of Baptism of Children into chunks and spread it out over more than one day?
Can you tell me from whence the idea for such creativity sprang?
I often find there is an obscure article in some publishers advertisi..., er, liturgy planning periodical, which suggests or encourages odd things that seem to spring up in disparate parts of the Church simultaneously (witness the goofy, ungrammatical petition that will occasionally be mentioned on a blog which elicits responding posts of, "hey, OUR pastor wrote the same on this week!")
In a train of thought prompted by reflecting on our parish Masses of yesterday, many at the colloquium were mourning in advance, that to which they would be returning, and musing, would the "mountain top" experience of the Seven Days of Heaven make of returning to "the plain" all the greater pain, in Spai....? (STOP it, she hissed)
Well, in charity and foresight, I personally did my best to help make the transition easier by perfectly execrable singing on an Alleluia one day... I will never be able to look Mode 3 in the eye again.

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Mary Jane said...

Spread over three weeks? Sheesh. It's bad enough when baptisms are punctuated through a single Sunday Mass. It's my feeling that both sacraments suffer. Baptism is turned into something very close to the "consecration of children" practiced by Baptists - a "welcoming" into the community event. The Mass itself disappears (something it's on the verge of doing at most Novus Ordo celebrations) into introductions, folks getting up and down, confusion in the choir, grumbling from the attendees (oops, assembly) when they realize there's a baptism afoot.

But three weeks? I guess all the grumps can figure out the Mass schedule and go some other time.