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Monday, 30 June 2008

Whither are we led by said Leading Catholics?

On Zadok's blog
he discusses the spurious petition from "thousands of leading Catholics" in Great Britain (or would that be "Great Celtain" in the Geography According to Peg? but I digress...) insisting, among other matters, that the Church must address the ordination of women, (as a woman who, whilst a girl, always hoped and fully expected to become a Roman Catholic priest, I am not disinterested.)
In a body of Catholics that makes the cross section polled by the Pew Foundation look faithful and, er... participating by comparison, the question is rightly asked, by Zadok, ARE there "thousands" of leading Catholics in the UK? (Scelata wonders, are there even thousands of actual, that is to say practicing, "following" Catholics, much less leading ones?)
And Zadok also rightly wonders "why the report is so shy in naming the supposed 'senior clergy' who have signed the petition. If they were chuchmen of any note, then I'm sure their names would have been part of the report."
But anyway, a lovely line in the combox, from one Seraphic Single, (who, I vaguely gather from other comments I've read, is one of the Canadian White Martyrs who may be showing us all our future.)
Get a grip, "leading" Catholics! Get a grip!
And what the heck is a "leading" Catholic anyway? The real leading Catholics are the saints, and they lead us towards what is truly important--Christ
Well said!


Seraphic Single said...

Thank you! And what fun! What is a "White Martyr" in this context? I always thought that meant a sworn celibate. A wonderful ordained religious I know likes to refer to his "white martyrdom" and giggle fiendishly, for he lives in the lap of luxury.

I am just a non-consecrated Single living chastely--which is not that difficult when you live with Mum and Dad--though I do have troublesome dreams about German footballers.

Scelata said...

I may be misusing the term -- I thought "white martyr" could apply to anyone who suffered, without actually shedding blood ("red" martyrdom,) for the faith.
I would think the way things are going, virtually any faithful, orthodox Catholic in Canada now qualifies! (You are Canadian, right?)
I read about the, forgive me, CRAP that goes on with the Human Rights Commission or whatever it's called and I ache for Canadian Catholics.
I'd never heard the term until a friend made a confession at a parish NOT his own and talked about some of the troubling things that go on in his parish, that he is powerless to change although he tries, and that sometimes he cringes when some particular abuse happens during Mass, and his confessor told him that for some contemporary Catholics just supporting their local parish and obeying their bishops is a "white martyrdom."
Thanks for stopping by!
(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)