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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

"You told me not to hit him, you didn't say I couldn't kick him"

I, who have always been a bit of a sneak and given to casuistry even before I knew the word, have always realized that for the most part, laws and regulations and precepts, like parental rules, are not usually articulated until someone realizes that alas! there are among ones citizens, employees, adherents or small children, those for whom NOTHING "goes without saying."

So, yeah, I probably said those exact words to my Mother or Father more than once growing up.
"Well, you didn't say...."

The Winking Catholics over at the register, or rather, the poor, put-upon Catholic school teachers of Cincinnati they are trying to support, kinda remind me of me. "Well, when I said I was a practicing Catholic and signed a contract, the contract didn't actually say I couldn't..."

What? What??!?#?$%???
The most important aspect of a Catholic school is to pass on the faith???!?!??
We have a ministerial and catechetical function?
When I function as a representative of the Church's teachings I'm supposed to act that way, too, as if I actually believe what the Church teaches?

A silly spokesman for the archdiocese said "the contract doesn’t require anything the archdiocese didn’t already expect of teachers."
Oh, the archdiocese assumed people knew.

"Hey, it only says tie and jacket required."

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