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Monday, 14 April 2014


(Which loosely translates, appropriately enough, "For God's sake, SAVE us!")
I believe this photo is actually from 2013, but the parish involved had a jolly Palm Sunday again this year. And besides, I like wolves. (Almost as much as I like NETTLETON)
1. Take some flour, and some water, Mix them well in to a paste,
Then recycle some old news print, Tear it! let there be no waste.
Dip longs strips into the mixture, Place them where they need to be
Bring a puppet into being, Show your creativity.
2.How to use these gentle giants? What their purpose? What their use?
Are they toys? a science project? For the stage? Don't be obtuse!
We'll parade them to the altar, Where they'll stand in proud array!
What priest shortage? we'll just build one Out of more papier mache!

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