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Friday, 11 April 2014

Weddings and "Show-offs"

My family, why I don't know, seems to have weddings in Lent, and so we've just had one. A priest friend was vetoed from presiding because he is, in the words of one of the familial PTB a "show-off."
And we've also all just seen the Youtube video of a priest at a wedding doing his Rufus Wainwright, (why RW's is not the archived performance of the lovely Leonard Cohen song " Hallelujah", I do not understand...)

And Catholic bloggers, musicians, and liturgists are all, well, many, yammering about it.
Now, it is unclear to me when or if this song happens in the liturgy, so I am not even certain it is inappropriate: is it before? after?

But could someone please explain how in the name of all that's holy or otherwise, how a celebrant bursting into "special material" during or in the temporal vicinity of a wedding is ""an example of pre-conciliar liturgy" modified or not?

Pre-conciliar is this dude's all-purpose criticism, I'm starting to think, like some kids I know who call things for which they don't care "communist" or "queer" and mean the same thing by either word.

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