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Monday, 15 June 2015


I probably ought to learn how to use "do not link" and such... what? devices? is that what that is? procedures? websites?

I am growing increasingly dismayed at the ugliness and vitriol from people with whom I essentially agree.

No sooner do I leave a site where, yeah, I'm interested to have learned a new word, ("nithing,") but appalled that it was applied to our co-religionists; than an email pops up in my inbox offering a free "Verbal Abuse Chart".
"Hmmmm, well there's a funny thing, say I. What in the wide world of sports is a "Verbal Abuse Chart"? Instructions for the kindly, the meek-mouthed?
No, it is a Biblical approach, courtesy of some of our separated brethren, to identifying and dealing with the problem.
(I wish  it had a little more advice for the abuser, since I am wont to use my words ill, but you can't have everything, if you did, where would you put it?)
So, a second new word learned!

The Hebrew word for revile is gadaph, from a root word that means “cut” or “wound.”
Nithing is word from Norse lore referring to an exceptionally vile, despicable person - a person completely without honour. Examples include murderers and oathbreakers. 

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