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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Tablet Never Disappoints

The cuddly little blood-crazed ferret of Christendom rightly teases it as "The Bitter Pill."

A piece in the Tablet about our need to embrace otherness and find ways of coming together in love and faith starts off by decrying the "current climate of polarisation in both the Church and society, [in which] any attempt to differentiate approaches to the pressing questions of our time risks being denounced by one side or another."

True dat, Scelata said, in her trendy, street way.

But then, what does the theologian author do?

He immediately posits the probable response from only one side, and calls only that side, "neither Christian nor helpful."

Um, yeah.....
Image result for clueless cher  ozone
That  polarization  ozone... we've got to DO something about that.

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