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Monday, 27 May 2013

Liturgical Thought In Passing

At the very time when I both have my choices of Sunday Mass drastically restricted, (a seasonal thang, doncha know...) and have a (rare) opportunity to check in on blogs of which I have been deprived of late, I  read about purported dissatisfaction with the Roman Missal in English right after having noted at mass, with some surprise, that the rhetorical style of the current translations actually force a better, (in my POV,) approach to proclamation on the part of the priests I hear Mass from most often.

There are interjections in the text, for instance, that while not strictly necessary for meaning, offer "breathers" in which the listener may contemplate the preceding phrase, or change up the speaker's rhythm in ways that highlight certain phrases.

Very nice....

Oh, and I also noticed, (just before Acension Thursday/Sunday,) that my parish uses a plastice tube with oil in it masquerading as a Paschal candle.