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Sunday, 30 June 2013

What is "Marriage"?

I don't think many dictionaries, even a few decades ago would have recognized definition 2.b.:
mar·riage [mar-ij] noun
1. a legally, religiously, or socially sanctioned union of persons who commit to one another, forming a familial and economic bond: Anthropologists say that some type of marriage has been found in every society, past and present.
2. a. the social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies, etc.
b. a similar institution involving partners of the same gender, as in gay marriage; same-sex marriage
So is marriage open to redefinition, is it purely human construct?
If the sex of the participants can change with loosening of societal restrictions, and to prevent it is a violation of rights, of freedom, of our notions of fairness -- why not the number?

Why must marriage be two joined as one?

How dare we legislate against marriages of three or four persons?
Why can't I be married to Himself and to someone else? how about my brother? is there any logical reason the law should not allow me to marry him?

It could make child care easier.

Perhaps adoption agencies should be forced to place children with consortiums , (consortia?) of more than two people.

Your bridge group could adopt together. Heather Has Five Mommies.

Why not? is there a logical consistency to what is acceptable, legally, morally, socially, and what is not at this moment in history?

How to Have a Beautiful Sung Liturgy on a Catholic Campus? EASY-PEASY...


All ya need besides the choir is:
a director knowledgeable about both the music of the Church and Her theology of sacred music; as well as a chaplaincy with a shared enthusiasm for the liturgy.
How many parishes are in want of those minimal requirements?
But seriously, folks... nice article by CMAA stalwart Dr Kurt Poterack.

I'm trying to not worry about the fact that they are thinking of instituting a "Children's Mass" at my parish, and that as a CCD (yes, they call it by that old school term,) volunteer who is known to have some small  knowledge of music I may be asked to help teach the young'ns the, uhm... liturgical  songs that have been selected as the core repertoire.

I'd bet every penny I own that this tops the list.
And Let There Be Cheese in Church is next.....

So, how to have a beautiful sung liturgy in a Catholic parish? we got an article on that?

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Disadvantage of being Dead, or What Happens to Children Who Are Not Aborted

This is a most worthwhile and valid thing to study, what happens to women who are denied abortions. But this finding from an earlier study, that,
the children born of unwanted pregnancies had significant disadvantages
is just too weasel-words to go unremarked upon. Significantly disadvantaged compared to whom? Dead babies? Lovingly adopted babies? Me, I think being dead is one of the greatest obstacles to a happy life...

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Catholic Funeral Music

Amazing Grace
Were You There?
Something that went, "Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling"
How Great Thou Art

Oh well...

Jane Eyre?!?!???!??? I want to read this...

I want to read “The Gospel of Womanhood according to Jane Eyre,” because... well, because Jane Eyre is "my book".
Everyone has one, right? The great work which everyone else kinda knows, but which really speaks to him and of him? Jane Eyre is mine. (Not that I even approach her moral strength...)

So, Miss Stimpfle, make this thesis available, please.

Publish, or put it on line.
"Faith and Reason Honors Program"?
What an attractive idea. Although I probably would have... misapplied myself? out of it.