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Friday, 1 June 2007

The old year fast away is fading...

Church choirs are a bit like school, or at least this one is... the unbearable heat of the loft coupled with the average age of the choir (and the fact that, come summer, even the priests are looking for a "fast Mass" in the un-air conditioned church,) means that we have summer vacation.
It took a few years, but with the hook of our patronal saint's feast day, and the promise of an end of year social gathering I have managed to get a few to stick it out till the end of June.
Still, it was a dismal turn-out last night.
But we're sounding pretty okay.
And it took a few years but I have finally learned to think of this long term, that I can rehearse things this year that we won't use till fall or even next year.
I have thoughts of a vocal arrangement incorporated into the V-W prelude on RHOSMYDRE so I decided to introduce them to the tune with Our Father By Whose Name, with the idea that we have tons o' rep for Mothers' Day, thanks to all the (albeit, many of them sappy,) Marian hymns, but nothing for Fathers' Day.
But of course, I couldn't shut up, when someone brought up Abba Father I had to open my big yap and say that it was maybe the most boring tune ever composed. And OF COURSE someone there likes it and was hurt.
And what am I gonna do, go into details about its musical inadequacies, its technical inefficiencies?
Dang me...
On t'other hand, they are quite taken with the Handel and will be a nice capper for the anniversary Mass, the Gouzes last week went well (and will again this week,) the Sequence last week not tooo bad (so yeah, not too good, either...) and the little setting we'll try for Lauda Sion next week (not the greatest piece of music but tolerable,) has been a moderate hit with them (I never thought I would have to tip-toe around worrying quite so much about the choir's taste --- live and learn, GROW UP, Scelata!) and they do a number of more authentic pieces well and with a good will, so I need to back off.
And incrementally we are moving toward Ordinaries with integrity (that has occasioned wailing and gnashing of teeth....)
All in all, a real learning year for them and me.
Oh, speaking of wailing and gnashing of teeth, my use of the Divine Praises this weekend will be the focus of some of my prayers before the Blessed Sacrament this aft...


Chironomo said...

I had never really thought of a "Father's Day" tribute during Mass equivalent to the usual Mother's Day fiascoes (fiascae?). Since songs to the Blessed Mother, albeit most often the really BAD ones, are paraded out during Mass on Mother's Day, why not a good strong hymn to St. Joseph for Father's Day? There are a number of these in the old Pius X Hymnal that are beautiful, although somewhat dated musically. I too have to deal with the dwindling choirs (3 of them!) after Easter Season, and this week, Corpus Christi, is our final Sunday until September, so I won't have to deal with Father's Day... wheww!!

Chironomo said...

BTW... your link to my blog isn't working! I'm one to talk though... I really need to get around to putting up a "blog roll" on my site... When I do, yours will be the first on it...

Anonymous said...

" I too have to deal with the dwindling choirs"

I don't understand this, (they all have to go to Mass anyway, don't they?) and am doing my best to combat it.

Any hints besides a little noshing at rehearsals, a guest instrumentalist?.... and as I said, I am trying to make a big deal of our patronal Feast (St J the B,) since the solemenity is at the END of June.... next year I imagine it will be as bad as possible, with Easter, and thus so else falling so extremely early.


(Save the Liturgy, Save the World!)

Scelata said...

"your link to my blog isn't working! I'm one to talk though..."

Hmmm.... I'll work on that. What is the computer equivalent of playing an intrument "by ear?"
That's me, I am ignorant, unlearned and incompetent.