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Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Marriage, Musicians & Vocations Directors

The misuse (miscomprehension,) of the world "chastity," by a putative "journalist," (noted in my rant the other day, http://scelata.blogspot.com/2007/06/such-ignorance.html, ) as well as some blog blah-blah about the permanent diaconate has me thinking about the sacrament of Marriage, and the implicit vow of chastity it entails, no less than does ordination or profession.
The very idea of chastity, even when it IS correctly understood, is a subject of mockery to many today.
Robertson Davies quoted someone, I can't recall whom, as defining it as to have ones body in ones soul's keeping.
Not bad...
Now, certainly the unmarried lay person is also called to this, but a married person is called to a very special form of this.
We church musicians often serve as the de facto liturgist for wedding Masses, and are often the only person "in authority" in a parish, the meeting with whom is seen as anything other than an annoying obligation (because so many Bs, not often Gs, care so desperately about what actors would think of as the underscoring for their first entrance... does the score telegraph to the audience that I am romantic/regal/pure? what does is "say" about the character I am playing?)
Do we take advantage of this to remind them that what we are planning is "about" prayer? About worship of the Almighty Triune God, firstly, and about the sanctification of themselves and the rest of the Faithful, secondarily? (All else being a distant third...)
Do we realize that we, after the pastor and any lay person in charge of adult sacramental prep, are also in a position to be their Vocations Director? To hopefull re-inforce, but perahps present for the first time the concept that they are getting ready to live thier vocation?

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