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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Ash Wednesday

The predicted storm not having arrived I think we will have a reasonable choir turn-out tonight, and a good congregational one.
Of course, those who come this evening will be deprived of the opportunity to boast of how they have the ability to "create themselves anew."
Never mind that creatures by their very nature need a Creator, and can't create themselves, anew or otherwise.
The early Mass will probably sing it, but I shall avoid looking at the numbers posted on the hymn board as I take them down so that I need not know.
The song "Ashes", when you get down to it, is material heresy. But our modern "hymnals" are full of such nonsense.
Many church musicians complain about minor lapses in quality control, (cheap paper, many typos, flimsy binding,) but what about THAT lack of quality?
Left out a few accidentals, pages rip too easily? Utilize a pen and some library tape.
Leave out the Truth? and insert a few falsehoods along the way?
That's a much bigger problem.
And no "Catholic" editorial board seems to have given a &%$@* about it, as they rushed to supplant the texts of the Holy Mass with their (copywritten) substitutes.
The Father of Lies has used them very effectively.

I hadn't intended this as a rant.... sorry.

Lord, take away my sinfulness.


Sir Monocle said...

Speaking of nonsense, in my former position, I used the OCP "Music Issue". Boy, was that bad.

Scelata said...

I keep hearing people say their product is getting better, but I don't notice it (we're not an OCP parish, or rather, only partly, the new music teacher at school has switched kiddie Masses to OCP.)

Save the Liturgy, Save the World!

Mary Jane said...

This morning I was treated to "Ashes," "Dust and Ashes," and Hosea. It was the school Mass and that prompted my Ash Wednesday rant over at Sacred Miscellany. Oh, did I forget the piano improvisation on Kum-By-Yah?