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Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Song of Farewell

I had a funeral this morning, all requests, (except for the responsorial, Deo Gratias, I HATE having to explain to people that no, there is nothing in the Book of Psalms that goes "Shepherd me beyond my wants.)
It was wasn't too dreadful, or at least no worse than usual when there are requests, except for the final song.
I am sorry, Mr. Ernest Sands, but the refrain to your "Song of Farewell" is truly dippy.
It is good that you used words that are appropriate for the funeral liturgy, the use of the psalm for the verses is nice....
But the melody, that goofy leap on the word "paradise?" What were you thinking?
Of course, the funeral choir is enamoured of it. They used sing it often under my predecessors, well, they still sing it since hte two most recent MDs play funerals for the other parishes in town.
That was probably my "innovation" that caused the most uproar.
You can have another recessional if you want, but only after the In paradisum, (so far almost always in English.)
The funeral choir caviled more than the priests or the mourners at first, but the tolerate me now. Maybe they even like me (donuts...)


Rob said...

Look at the translation to In paradisum. This is an ancient and beautiful prayer from the Latin Requiem Mass. You will see Mr. Sands' references are taken from this prayer. You must be younger. For those of us who are familiar with In paradisum, Mr. Sands has written a very meaningful piece of music. I found it very comforting at my wife's funeral 17 years ago. She was 44.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by and commenting, sir.
I am very familiar with the translation of the In Paradisum, (I use it in English translation 99.999% of the time,) and have no quarrel with Mr. Sands' text. (Not, I said, "words that are appropriate for the funeral liturgy, the use of the psalm for the verses is nice....")
I am very glad that it was comforting at the time of your wife's death, for whihc you have my condolences.
It is only the tune with whch I have issues.
I find it , as I said, goofy, both as an auditor and as a cantor or choir member.
God bless.

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

Anonymous said...

"Note" not "not".