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Monday, 22 September 2008

Another thought on bells...

I don't know why this is sticking in my mind (or in my craw,) but it is.
I think I have figured out the logic behind the denigration of the use of bells as a signal to the faithful, (which I love and endorse, and would love to hear even more, although I admit I am very fond of the even more to-the-point Byzantine cry of "Wisdom! Be attentive!)
Opposition to the use of the consecration bells makes perfect sense in a congregation, a community, that consists entirely of priests, liturgists, and priest and liturgist wannabes.... you know who you are.
A community that has, for whatever reason, and vows of celibacy are certainly a good one, ceased to reproduce.
In a parish or community where there are no children, no young people, and no new vocations in 40 years, no novices... well, you're right, you might as well save yourself the trouble of ringing bells.

Last one out, please think green and turn out the light.

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