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Monday, 29 September 2008

If they did, then they wouldn't be SINNERS, would they?

May I just express my loathing for the cheez that, under duress, I programmed and played this weekend, as a substitute for the actual psalm?
The refrain is not too bad.
But putting aside the lame melody of the verses, (or rather, melodies, for this is one where the incompetent composer not only paraphrased and substituted his own insights for the psalmist's and his own words for the Church's, but despite that freedom, that license, he made the rhythms of number of syllables of each verse different, endearing himself to cantors who actually try to read the music everywhere,) look at the words:
Good and just is the Lord (nice way to accent an auxiliary verb, huh?) the sinners know the way.
How does that stack up with:
Good and upright is the Lord, thus he shows sinners the way.

Got that? HE, God shows sinners the way, He does it, THEY DON"T KNOW IT.

If they did, well....

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