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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Penitential Music

By which I mean, not music to be used in some sort of penitential rite, but music that in and of itself functions as penance.
Mary Jane once mentioned how suitable Hosea, IIRC correctly, was in that regard during Lent.

If Messaien is a hair shirt, Christian head-banger music might be the cilice.

In a Simpson's episode, the Devil tried, (unsuccessfully, need we add?) to torture Homer by making him eat processed American cheese food slices until he was sated and sickened. Is that a good metaphor for Center of my Life?

Anyone want to contribute to the list?


1 comment:

Jaya said...

One of my most sincere prayers has been uttered a few times during various hymns: "O Lord, make it stop!" I'd like to think that some time is knocked off my stay in Purgatory for every time I've had to sing "Gather us in", "Anthem", or "Go make a difference."

But Messiaen a hairshirt? Heavens, no! At worst, perhaps a slightly over-starched cotton, and at best, one of those lovely silk thermal things. :)