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Monday, 8 December 2008

The Ladies of the Bread Baking Ministry

Looking for something else, I came across a liturgical "advice column," wherein a priest answered a query about whether the questioner should listen to the stuffy old meanies, the "some [who] say" bread for the Eucharist at a Roman Catholic church shouldn't be made with honey, salt and oil.
The answer, in toto:

One of the best resources to answer your questions and to give a solid presentation re: many of the issues around the Eucharist and Eucharistic ministry is from Liturgy Training Publications (LTP, Chicago) 1-800-933-1800
"The Communion Rite at Sunday Mass" by Gabe Huck ($8.95). Included is a decent recipe for Eucharistic bread using only flour and water.

Huh? Do you receive royalties or some kind of a kick-back on book sales, Padre?

A one word answer would have sufficed -- Yes.

Or if that's too blunt, if you get paid by the word, yes, you should listen to those who tell you that wheat flour and water* are to be the only ingredients, and the "some" who says this includes -- the CHURCH.


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