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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Why is it so hard to make the connection?

New, (to me, yes, I'm always the last to know....) blog Father CRANKY, (yeah, I know how great is that?) spoke to something that has bothered me: people who are upset with a situation but want to perpetuate the environment that PRODUCED the situation.

Recently an older, married couple made an appointment to see me. The stated reason was that they were having some issues with an adult child and Church moral teaching.

They told me that their three adult children, since entering college and now beyond college had really adapted the secular society views toward sexual morality, and basically sex at any time, any where, with any thing was now normative for their children. ...

"So why then, Father, have you stopped the teen program that our kids went through when they were here?".... their teens had a great and wonderful time in that program (which was morally bankrupt and spiritually void) and by stopping and replacing it, I was denying that same grand time to other teens. ....

Hello? People? The program PRODUCED the children you started complaining about. They got their ideas unfortunately from a parish sponsored organization. Do you not see the connection?

It reminds me so much of the throwing good effort/money/intentions/faith after bad, (effort/money/intentions/faith) going on in so many parishes today.

Come on!
We've got to be WITH IT.
(And we've got to learn whatever the correct lingo is that, 30 years on, means "with it.)

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