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Friday, 19 December 2008

It's that time of year, folks....

It's that time of year, when any idiocy thinking to debunk Christianity, or ridicule faith will find itself lapped up by certain segments of the media and the public.

Hat tip to the snarky Diogenes for this little bit of absurdity: (those given to tarring with a broad brush will have multiple targets as a result of this.... rabid anti-christian secularists? conspiracy theorists? academics desperate to publish? women at militarily institutes?)

Rose Mary Sheldon, the co-author of "Operation Messiah: St. Paul, Roman Intelligence and the Birth of Christianity," and head of the history department at Virginia Military Institute suggests that the Apostle Paul may have been spying for the Romans ...

[and] faked his conversion on the road to Damascus so he could infiltrate Christian congregations and report to Rome on suspicious elements in synagogues across the empire.

Sheldon says Paul's interaction with Roman officials seems to have been remarkably friendly, and she notes that in his letter to the Romans, he urges Christians to obey them.

The really sneaky part? arranging to have himself beheaded to throw suspicious Christians off the track.

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