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Monday, 1 December 2008

evil is always small

Thanks to Glory to God in All Things for the following bit of wisdom, which I was badly in need of reading. (I'm kind of a mess right now, and I feel as if all would be well if Mommy would just tuck me in, make me a grilled cheese sandwich and, reading quietly to lull me to sleep, make do, if she couldn't find "the kallicanzari book," with
The Little Engine That Could.)
It is not so much that I feel overwhelmed by everything, (although there are fleeting moments of that, and it doesn't do to dissolve in tears while directing the choir in
E'en So, Lord Jesus during communion, or What Sweeter Music? at a rehearsal,) as that I don't care.
And I am afraid of not caring.

Good and Evil
I think evil is always small, and that good is infinite. Evil closes itself to God and thus becomes even smaller; Good opens itself to God and thus becomes infinite. Evil cannot become so large as to fill even the universe. God became so small that He could fill Hell and then burst it asunder because it could not contain Him. Every good deed will have eternal remembrance, but even the largest deeds of the evil will be forgotten.

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