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Monday, 8 December 2008

We should sing "God Bless America!"

So I'm dragging my exhausted and sick carcass into Mass yesterday afternoon, (after learning that the diocese "officially" discouraged anticipated Masses for today's holy day.... ah well,) and trying to sort through the 2nd Advent choir programs from the morning that somehow missed the recycling bin and are now getting mixed up with the I.C. programs, and wondering where I put the readable accompaniment copy of the Gloria when I took it out of the cantor's book two weeks ago, and looking for a band-aid because my hand was bleeding all over the psalms as I passed them out, (thank you Jeff Ostrowski, nice work!) and trying to explain to a Bass that no, he doesn't need my setting of Psalm 128, and please don't sing it while the rest of us are singing Psalm 98, that there's a reason I ask people to hand in any copy of any psalm they have in their folders after any Mass, and freezing under 1 layer of coat, 2 layers of sweater, one of blouse and 1 layer of long underwear shirt, because besides my being sick, the boiler is out, it's 12 degrees and the loft is draughty... when I hear, hey, we should be singing, "God Bless America," why aren't we singing "God Bless America" and I fix the skunk eye on the speaker and see that she is not joking and foolishly ask why.
Pearl Harbor Day!
Darnit, apparently some dummy messed up the ordo again.

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