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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Catholic? or Catholish

There is a piece of music I avoid programming because it attempts to replace a far better piece that is part of the great treasury of Catholic sacred music.

It just occurred to me that one reason the lesser composition may have gained currency is that it differs from the superior original by explicitly not addressing anyone as "saint", or asking for the intercession of "saints", per se; thus it makes itself more acceptable to our separated brethren and sisters.

You know, John and Mary and Thomas, they could just be your neighbors whose prayers you're seeking... and there's no far-fetched claims that some woman is "the Mother of God."

I was curious, was it like so much of the content of our "Catholic" hymnals, not expressive of explicitly Catholic theology precisely because its writers aren't Catholic, don't hold the Catholic Faith, or believe Catholic dogma and doctrine?

(There was a bit of a kerfuffle going on at the CMAA boards, as to whether it was appropriate for a Catholic parish to hire a non-Catholic music director.

How very persnickety! Why, we Catholics don't even insist that non-Catholics not write our sung theology for us!)

Anyway, in a cursory search I found nothing indicating the religious affiliation of the composer of the piece in question, but did find the name of the church for which he works.

It's website indicates that it might not be Catholic, though it is at least Catholish.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, prayer for us.

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