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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Pay to Pray? Fascinating, If Bizarre, Lobbying Efforts

Christian Scientists and some friends in high places, (Sen John Kerry? talk about strange bed-fellows...) are seeking to have provisions in the health care reform, for those who pray for others' health -- "professionally" -- to receive reimbursement from insurers, and by extension, the government.

I am conflicted about this -- soothing, perhaps meaningless, counseling is already covered, ("... And how does that makes you feel?" intones Mr Psychologist to his patient.)

Is "We are created in God's perfect image" or "God is life," spoken by a Christian Scientist practioner so very different from "They're just feelings, feelings are never 'wrong,'" or "You have to learn to 'own' your anger," from one of today's more respectable shamans?

On the other hand....

Wouldn't that logically mean that Catholic priests should get government reimbursement for the anointing of the sick?

I think this is a bad road to go down.

But it seems we've already set out....
The Internal Revenue Service allows prayer treatments to be itemized on income tax forms as medical expenses. And a few federal insurance programs, such as those for military families, already reimburse for prayer.

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