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Friday, 7 October 2011


An intriguing conversion story, a goth's encounter with the Church, via Christina Helena, (why am I discovering this kind of site when I am in no position to explore them for more than a moment at a time? Oh, well.... bring us this day our daily internet access...)
I have always been quite a counterculturalist. Celebrating life off the beaten path, finding my own trends and rejecting the dominant, materialist, fame-obsessed lifestyle. This is the story of a nerdy goth girl who is Catholic...or how I managed to incorporate Catholic into being nerdy goth. Whatever way you want to see it....
[I] vowed one winter in college to learn Latin- because it sounds cool. ... to hear Latin, ye shall go to church!
This is where encountering the past helps to realize the future. In a drafty cathedral unable to understand anything the minister said, I found God. He was there, hidden in …hoc est corpus meum and laid bare by those very words. I don’t mean to get weird, but it was amazing. My disdain for mainstream culture, unhappiness with hedonism and ancient longing finally found balance! And anyone who thinks goth and Catholic don’t mix ask yourself: Where does death find such beauty and light engage the darkness more than in the spilt blood of One Saving Victim?... [emphasis added]
I knew who Jesus was, I knew he died for our sins but I did not know he came down to be present in every Eucharist!
When I saw that priest lift the wafer and say "hoc est corpus meum" I felt something special was going on. There was a "shininess" to the air. That was the first time I felt...Him!
This reminded me that Abby bowls with, and occasionally seem to live with, nuns, (yeah, I watch WAAAAAAAAAAAY too much TV.)


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