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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Odd experience at Mass yesterday, little music except Entrance hymn and closing, and the priest sang the Preface although he had NOT sung the Preface Dialogue.

When we spoke the Gloria we were instructed to "pick up the green card in your pews," so as to use the new translation.
Good idea!
Except the cards, furnished by the deanery, didn't actually contain the text of the new Gloria, but the text of most of it, coupled with a refrain which repeats some words, so there was plenty of stumbling over the initial iteration of the refrain and then at every point where we would have repeated the refrain except we didn't since we weren't singing.

What clever boots came up with that, do you suppose?

But then for the Credo, as led by the celebrant we reverted to the current translation, except those who didn't because they had these green cards in their hands.
Well, better all this kerfuffle now than on Christmas.

At the Mystery of Faith we proclaimed that one which will presumably no longer be said in any "translation" come the new liturgical year, and I thought, not for the first time. "Proposition- Dynamic equivalence as represented by the old translation is neither dynamic nor equivalent.... discuss."


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