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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Hearing the graduale sung, from the Vatican, kinda takes the sting out of anticipating what I will later hear, and perhpas be asked to sing at Midnightish mass.

A blessed Christmas to all!


Charles Culbreth said...

Merry Curmudgeon Christmas from CA, G, and to Himself from W.

Whaddya mean "perhaps be asked to sing"? Is da Kantor at yer new digs that disorganzied or lazy? Yikes.

Scelata said...

No, no, "asked to sing" as in, "please stand and greet our celebrant with 'Hail Holy Queen' at number 203 in the orange hymnals."

And they did not disappoint - the immediate prelude to Mass was "Jingle Bless" complete with wah-wah trumpetry and trombone slide horse neighs.
Merriest and blessedest of days to you and yours!

(Save the Liturgy, Save the Lord)