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Monday, 23 January 2012

Elizabeth DeShong

First off, anyone who loves baroque music, charming stagecraft, a rollicking good time, or just something a little out of the ordinary in classical music, go see the encore performance of the HD broadcast of the Met's Enchanted Island, http://www.metoperafamily.org/opera/the-enchanted-island-tickets.aspx (supposing you are not so fortunate as to see it in person.)

But secondly, though there was tons of both interesting a great singing, because no one else seems to be mentioning her, OMG Elizabeth DeShong!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.elizabethdeshong.com/

I have never HEARD such articulation. her coloratura was simply amazing!

1 comment:

mjballou said...

Saw the encore performance last night - and I loved every second of it. The fantastic staging, the brilliant voices (especially the countertenors), and of course the mermaids.

It's clear that our great minds think alike!