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Monday, 28 May 2012

Mundelein Psalter at Vespers

Technidiot that I am, I rely on the kindness of others, most often Himself, to record stuff, (liturgies on EWTN, "Awake," [sigh...], "Mad Men",) on the tube when I am out or otherwise engaged.
Saw bits of two bishops' installations, (they are blurring in my memory, so I won't comment on moments I was tempted to play Gotcha on one of them,) and a good bit of Solemn Vespers in celebration of some anniversary of Mother Angelica's foundation.
That was the Mundelein Psalter they used, was it not?

Oh, and hey, the military really get ritual, don't they? Saw part of another Mass this afternoon whilst making the -- talk about ritual! -- deviled eggs and potato salad...

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