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Friday, 13 July 2012

Reason # 394,102,879 that I Love Himself

"Hey, honey, you know, this is two weeks in a row that we have attended Sunday Mass at a cathedral, the one in Salt lake was awe-inspiring, the one at ______ somewhat less so, to be charitable, but wouldn't it be cool to go to a THIRD cathedral on this Sunday, and didn't you say you knew the music director in one of the places we'll be near on the drive home, and....?"

And that is how we happened to find ourselves in Charleston last Sunday.

How I have missed this face!:

Oh, and upon returning home the lovely, but.... we'll say, efficient (to the point of brusqueness,) priest who usually has daily Mass is busy and the "subs" are suitably solemn and painstaking, (and one at least, is a very good confessor,)
So anywhooo,the near-euphoria occasioned by the liturgical riches of the Colloquium has just gone on and on and on....

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mjballou said...

Don't let all this Cathedral-hopping go to your head. Remember - you live in Florida.