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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Yeah, as a matter of fact it MAY be intended to emphasise the sacrificial aspect of the Mass

The only-to-be-expected whinging from one of the US Catholic columnists about the fact that, no, you can't sing, "Basket of Goodies, you take away the sins of the world..." in place of the Agnus Dei, nets an excellent, concise retort from Alan Hommerding, (emphasis added):
Though we are discussing an important ritual nexus, I think that it's also important to recall we're discussing less than 90 seconds of the total liturgy. There are still plenty of other places/opportunities to incorporate a rich diversity of images for Christ and the Eucharist. To me, it seems like an internal cohesiveness or logic in the rite is the goal of this directive; we offer a litany to the Lamb, we are invited to behold the Lamb, we are reminded of our joy in being called to the supper of the Lamb. Some have also criticized the bishops for spending their time and energy in addressing this when there are so many other important items on the agenda. This, I think, relegates the liturgy to a status of non-importance - certainly not a Vatican II view of the liturgy! And, speaking again for myself, before I expend my time and energy being critical of the bishops for their priorities, it's good for me to check first to make sure that my own priorities and spiritual household are in order.
I met Mr Hommerding at a seminar at Mundelien once, and he is a lovely gentleman. The columnist lauds Hommerding for his "generous and charitable reading" of what he seems to think is the American Bishops' decision.
I laud him for his "generous and charitable" rebuke to the sillysentiments expressed in the column.

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