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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

When the "Vatican" Arrests You...

.... is it ever the Swiss Guard who show up at your door?
"Yes, Officer, I've been very, very naughty, perhaps you ought to take me in for questioning..."
(Just because this guy looks like he should be the next James Bond, don't get any ideas, Kat Fernandez anyone...)
A year or so ago, I would have heard this and thought .... well, I don't know what I would have thought.But I had no love for the loose-lipped PR babe, and would have figured Senora Chaouqui probably did whatever it was of which she was suspected.
And the non-denial denial, "I have never betrayed the pope, I have never given a sheet of paper to anyone,[emphasis added]" from someone who probably uses paper rather than pixels for communication rather seldom would not have decreased my suspicion.
But the Vatican now seems to me to be such a hotbed of gamesmanship and dishonesty mental reservations that anything is possible.

I'm curious, though, for someone who does not live in there, (which would include all laywomen, no? or is it just that they couldn't be citizens?), has the gendarmeria the authority to arrest outside of the Vatican's walls?

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