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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

"Thank heaven, for little girls...."

When Himself undertook the Maurice Chevalier role in a revival of Gigi, there was talk about how the hit song from the musical would be impossible to introduce nowadays, and was barely acceptable in a revival; and how difficult was the task of performing it without being creepy or downright louche.
Much was made of how the musical, (not the Colette story,)  was the product of a more innocent time.
Any way, his charm was sufficient unto the task, he was avuncularly flirtatious, not Dirty Old Man, (although in my opinion, the director made a few errors increasing the challenge: the girl-child who inspires the song should come into Honore's presence, join him already seated on a park bench, not the other way 'round.)

Now that all seems quaint, that seems a more innocent time..

A grown man need not find a little girl to thank heaven for - he can just be one, (although I'm not at all certain the whole thing isn't a hoax): 
After 23 years of marriage and seven children, a transgender woman [disturbed man] is taking a chance on living her [his] truth [sick fantasy]— however controversial it might seem.
Stefonknee Wolscht began her transition [his play-acting] six years ago at age 46 and now she is living as a 6-year-old girl.
"Stop being trans wasn't something I could do; that's like telling me to stop being 6-foot-2 or leave,” Wolscht said of her [his long-suffering] wife's ultimatum in a clip.
Wolscht is the subject of a social video series ... which profiles transgender people in Canada.
As I said, could be the Onion's doing, but it's not as if society isn't full of enablers in media, academe and generally the chattering classes who would take this seriously, go along with it and pretend that the delusional fellow is what he says he is.

I'll retire to Bedlam....

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